Miris HMA™ 

Miris HMA

Miris Human Milk Analyzer™ gives the energy, fat, carbohydrate, and protein content in human milk.

In a single run the Miris HMA™ quantitatively measures the concentration of fat, carbohydrate, protein, total solids, and energy of human milk. The analytical technique used in Miris HMA™ is a combination of established mid-infrared (mid-IR) transmission spectroscopy principles and a patented innovation.

Miris is operating on all continents and HMA is registered as a Medical Device in Europe, Japan and USA.

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Small sample volume

All you need is a 3 ml sample to analyse fat, protein, carbohydrate, energy and dry matter.

Results in 60 seconds

The results are presented instantly on the display and can be transferred to your computer or USB device.

Analyse when needed

Bring fast and reliable analysis to your own laboratory.


User Manuals 

Miris Ultrasonic Processor™

Miris Ultrasonic Processor™ is used to prepare milk samples for macronutrient analysis using Miris Human Milk Analyzer™. By the application of high-frequency ultrasonic waves, the milk sample will be homogenised in a simple and convenient manner.

Miris Ultrasonic Processor™ homogenises the milk using the cavitation phenomenon. Cavitation is the formation and collapse of air bubbles caused by pressure fluctuations. The collapse of airbubbles releases shock waves, causing damage to the surrounding particles. The energy output from the Miris Ultrasonic Processor™ is approximately 20 J/s per ml of milk.

In milk, cavitation causes disruption of milk fat globules into smaller ones, and proteins are adsorbed onto the fat droplets, which improves the stability of the fat globules. Ultrasound is more efficient when combined with heating.

Miris Heater™

Miris Heater™ is a water free system that warms milk and other solutions to be injected to Miris Human Milk Analyzer™ to the optimal temperature for analysis. Beads are used as a heat source instead of water. This means no potential of getting water in your samples. In addition the beads serve as a great support for any bottle or syringe you need to heat.