Our mission is to improve neonatal health

Miris mission is to make individual nutrition, based on human milk, available globally to improve neonatal health. We believe that the right nutrition for each infant is an essential part of ensuring the best possible outcome for a premature baby.

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Bringing neonatal care to the world

Swedish neonatal care ranks among the best in the world. More preterm babies grow up to become healthy kids in Sweden than in most other countries. Individualised nutrition through target fortification is one of the specific tasks being performed to ensure better recovery, growth, and cognitive outcome.

Miris is part of this long tradition which is built on years of experience and dedication. Giving every premature infant the best possible start in life is what inspires us and keeps us committed to this journey. We want to share our knowledge and engagement with the rest of the world to enable improved neonatal health. 

Individualised nutrition matters

Human milk naturally contains a high variability in protein, fat and carbohydrates, and fortification is usually needed to ensure adequate macronutrient intake for preterm infants. However, by using a standard forification to increase levels of protein and energy, the variability in the milk will persist, lack of control of nutritional intake, and the risk of over or under nutrition is high.

By using the approch of target fortification, each baby will receive individualised nutrition significantly reduceing the variability in nutritional intakes compared to standard fortification. Target fortification allows for the monitoring of protein intake and the protein:energy ratio in the range of nutritional recommendations.