Miris Holding AB

Miris Holding AB is the parent company of the wholly-owned subsidiary Miris AB. All operating activities are conducted in the subsidiary Miris AB.

Miris Holding AB:s share has been listed on Spotlight Stock Market since
(22/06 2006) under the ticker (MIR) and is traded through banks and stockbrokers.

Share price:




Instrument Information

Full Name: Miris Holding
Short Name: MIR

Org number: 556694-4798
CEO: Camilla Myhre Sandberg

Miris Invest

Miris Invest is a newsletter (in Swedish) intended for Miris investors. The content includes a deep dive into Miris markets, customers and completed activities.

Miris Invest Vol 1
Miris Invest Vol 2
Miris Invest Vol 3