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Alongside our mission to make individual nutrition available globally to improve neonatal health, our goal is to create awareness, inspiration and dialogue.

One of the ways we do this is by organizing a series of interviews with our customers, partners and other prominent experts on topics relating to neonatal health and nutrition for preterm babies.

We hope you will enjoy watching!

Human Milk Banking in Polen

In 2012 Poland opened its first Milk Bank. Today there are 16 Milk Banks in the country. This development has to a large extent been possible by the efforts of the community and the creation of the “For Life” initiative. Miris Interviewed Dr Aleksandra Wesolowska, Head of Laboratory of Human Milk and Lactation Research at Regional Human Milk Bank in The Holy Family Hospital in Warsaw and President of Human Milk Bank Foundation of Poland to learn more about human milk banking in Poland.

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Target fortification at the Wake Forest Baptist Health NICU

The Miris HMA™ was cleared by FDA in the end of December 2018. Soon after the company received a request from the Wake Forest Baptist Health NICU and they subsequently became the first NICU in US with the FDA cleared version of the Miris HMA™. Over a year down the road we checked in with Doctor Amit Chandel, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, to hear how the Miris HMA™ has improved the nutritional care of their smallest babies.

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Target Fortification for improved growth

With colleagues at McMaster University in Canada, Prof Dr Christoph Fusch recently published a single-center, double-blinded, randomized controlled trial in Clinical Nutrition on how an individualized nutritional strategy called target fortification can help improve outcomes for preterm babies. Miris interviewed Prof Dr Christoph Fusch to hear more.

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Target fortification is used to tailor human milk for different nutritional needs by analysing the milk prior to fortification. By knowing the macronutrient content it becomes easy to identify if fortification is needed.

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Read more about how Neonatal Intensive Care Units and Milk Banks can utilise the Miris HMA™ instrument

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