We envision a future where every child is born with the same access to healthcare, ensuring the best possible start in life.

Our mission is to make individual nutrition, based on breast milk, available globally to improve neonatal health.

Through our expertise and solutions we increase awareness, support researchers and enable doctors to individualize breast milk fortification.

We Are Miris

At the heart of Miris is a committed team of experts sharing a common mission to give newborns the best possible start in life. We constantly nurture our traits and skills to explore new pathways improving neonatal care and the area of target fortification.

Miris strong values and great ambitions are direct reflections of our employees and their devotion to develop this nascent field of expertise. We are Miris!


Miris Facts

Miris is a Swedish company developing and manufacturing products and solutions for human and dairy milk analysis. For these segments we market and distribute the product offerings, Miris HMA - Human Milk Analyzer (HMA) and Miris DMA - Dairy Milk Analyzer (DMA), both containing a complete set of services and consumables.

The HMA is used both clinically and for research to analyse breast milk for individual nutrition of preterm babies. DMA is being used in the dairy industry to determine the quality of dairy milk. Strategicly Miris is completely focusing on HMA and how to develop the neonatal care market. Today, HMA together with the Miris Ultrasonic Processor for sample preparation, is sold in more than 25 countries. Miris have world-wide representation.

HMA Facts
  • Only system that is calibrated with breast milk for commercial use
  • Sweden has since the 1990’s been the leading country with respect to individual nutrition for preterm babies
  • Most neonatal intensive care units in Sweden uses HMA routinely to enable individual nutrition through target fortification for preterm babies
  • Miris is operating on all continents and HMA is registered as a Medical Device in Europe, Canada, Japan and Indonesia
  • Approximately 400 HMA instruments are distributed globally

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