Is there an error message list?

Yes, the following error messages exist:

"Air in the system". If this message appears the sample has not been properly injected. The cause may be a worn-out syringe, or a foamy sample. Repeat the measurement after injecting a new sample, and/or using a new syringe.

"No energy in the system". If this message appears the measurement cell is blocked. The cause may be an improper sample or a hardware error. Clean the system and repeat the measurement.

"Bad sample, check the inlet and try again”. Sample is not properly injected; cause may be a foamy sample, a worn-out syringe or worn-out rubber details in the in- and outlets. Repeat the measurement with a new sample, and/or new syringe. Replace rubber gaskets.

“Data limited has been reached. Dumping data, please wait”. Too much data saved in the data file, the instrument will erase the oldest data automatically. Wait a few minutes and the message will disappear.

“Error”. Restart the instrument with the on/off switch.

“Transmission change”. The transmission has decreased more than 10% on one or several instrument filters (Tr1-Tr4). Click ‘ok’ on the message. Ensure the Miris CHECK™ solution is not contaminated and clean the system and repeat the check procedure.

“Warning, out-of range measurement on parameter…”. Measurement result is out-of-range, higher or lower than the instrument measuring range for a parameter. The measurement result cannot be regarded as with normal accuracy. Disregard the result. Let the sample stand in the water bath 40°C a while longer. Homogenise the sample. Ensure that any foam disintegrates before taking a sample for injection.

For more information see user manual or contact Miris ( or your local distributor.

Is it possible to have a login function with password?

Yes, it is possible to choose an option that gives you the opportunity to log in to the instrument with a user name and password. You can have different levels for log in; administrator, user or guest. It is also possible to create a user list (signature). The log-in function is permanent (non-optional) in instruments running on software version 3.02.

What routines should my milk bank use?

Miris can only be of help setting up routines for proper use of the HMA. For other issues regarding milk handling etc. please consult the authorities in your country.

How do I know how much fortification to add?

This is not a question for Miris AB – discuss with a dietician or ask the supplier of fortifier.

Why don’t we need to clean after each test?

Because the injected sample volume is adjusted to rinse out the previous sample.

How often should the instrument be cleaned? 

After every 10th analysis or when you intend to leave the instrument more than 5 minutes.

Do I have to perform a check every day?

Only if you are going to use the instrument on a daily basis.

How often should a check be done?

The check procedure must be performed at start-up and after cleaning the instrument if continuing analysing samples (every 10th analysis).

Can I run the instrument on battery? 


Is it possible to connect the analyser to a printer?

Yes, it is. Miris provides a printer and a special cable required. If you purchase the printer from somewhere else you have to buy the cable from Miris to be able to connect the printer to the instrument.

Can I give every sample/analysis a unique ID number/name?

Yes, you can. In the instrument menu “Analysis”, press ID. Each sample or sample batch can be given a unique ID (max 20 characters), which will stay the same until changed. Use the instrument’s keyboard, an external keyboard (USB) or a barcode reader. Avoid using commas (,) in ID’s, since this complicates the data interpretation in Microsoft Excel.