Can I use any other homogenizer than the one recommended by you? 

No, not without first testing the homogenizer. The Miris HMA™ Calibration 1 is adapted to homogenisation by Miris Ultrasonic Processor (and Miris Sonicator), a high-intensity ultrasonic liquid processor, where ultrasonic waves will generate the homogenising effect by cavitation. This method is suitable for homogenizing small sample volumes as required for the Miris HMA™. The Miris Ultrasonic Processor has a 3 mm probe and settings optimised for human milk (amplitude 75% full scale, no pulsation). The energy output is approximately 20 J/sec per ml of human milk.

Does milk have to be homogenized?

Yes, when using the Miris HMA™ Calibration 1 the milk must be homogenised to get correct results. Miris recommends homogenization to get a representative sample and avoid problems caused by protein aggregation or oiling off after the milk has been frozen.