Frequently Asked Questions

We hope the list of FAQs listed in the menu can be of help. If you do not find the answers to your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (for support issues) or (for any other questions).

Miris phone number is +46 (0) 18-14 69 07.


What kind of service has to be done and how often?

Make sure to keep the instrument clean, and pay special attention to the in- and outlets. Replace filter and O-rings in the in- and outlet if they look worn. Control the displayed “Change %”-line after performing a ‘CHECK’ and rinse the instrument thoroughly with Miris CLEANERTM if the percentage is getting close to ±10%.

Miris recommends yearly maintenance service of the instrument. Contact Miris at for more information.

Who can perform service?

Service can only be performed by an authorized service technician. Ask your local distributor or contact Miris (


Instruction videos

Here you can find video tutorials on everything from installing and setting up your Miris HMA to detailed step-by-step video guidelines explaning different procedures for your daily use of Miris HMA and Miris Ultrasonic Processor.

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Instruction Manual HMA

Here you can find the latest HMA manual in your language.